Jones Pump Service provides septic inspections for Real-Estate transactions in Harford County, Baltimore County and Cecil County. We strongly encourage prospective home buyers to have a septic inspection completed for all real estate transactions. A complete septic inspection will provide the buyer with the most up to date information and overall condition of the septic system before purchasing the home.

Jones Pump Service provides a thorough and comprehensive septic inspection to be sure all aspects of the septic system are properly inspected. Our technicians have completed the approved courses for onsite septic system inspections for property transfers as required by the Maryland Department of the Environment.

A typical onsite septic system inspection includes:

• Conduct a record search with the local Health Department
• Verify flow from home to the septic tank
• Verify effluent levels in the septic tank
• Sample sludge and scum levels in the septic tank to determine if the tank needs to be pumped
• Hand excavate the outlet of the tank or use camera to verify outlet baffle integrity
• Hand excavate distribution box to access drain field inlets and verify integrity
• Camera drain field lines
• Excavation by hand to a depth of 30”
• Conduct hydraulic load test
• Functionality of components will be recorded in a final report

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