Septic Tank Treatment

Harford County Septic Tank Treatment, Baltimore County Septic Tank Treatment.

Septic Tank Treatment

Jones Pump Service highly recommends septic tank treatment products from Pro-Pump. These bacterial cultures for septic systems, aerobic systems and grease traps will help you maintain your system. Unlike some harsh chemical additives on the market, these bacterial cultures won’t harm your system. Using a septic treatment like this is all part of good septic system maintenance. It is not a replacement for septic tank pumping or periodic septic inspection.

Adding extra bacterial cultures to your septic system helps to get the most desirable distribution of bacteria to get the best results in waste breakdown. With more than 30 years in the septic business, we think the Pro-Pump line of products is the best we have come across.

Your septic system needs live bacteria at all times to work efficiently and break down waste. Bacteria can be killed off or overrun because of:
• Large quantities of detergents, laundry waste, bleach, household chemicals, and caustic drain openers.
• Use of garbage disposals (increases solids).
• Flushing non-biodegradable items (plastics, tampons, etc.).
• Disposal of excessive amounts of grease and fats, which are biodegradable but need particular types of bacteria to digest them.
• Too many people using a smaller/inadequate or failing septic system.

From time to time, you need to add live adult bacteria to your system. Let the experts at Jones Pump Service help you with your septic tank treatment and system maintenance needs. We can supply you with commercial-strength Pro-Pump and confirm the dosage rates needed to maintain your system.

To learn more about how Pro-Pump products work, visit their website. To purchase Pro-Pump products from us, call 410-692-6900.