Commercial Septic Systems

Harford County Commercial Septic Systems, Sweet Air Septic Systems


Jones Pump Service designs and installs commercial septic systems in Harford County, Baltimore County and Cecil County. We also consult and provide septic system design services to businesses throughout the state of Maryland.

Commercial septic systems that are properly located, designed, installed and maintained pose little threat to drinking water sources. Jones Pump Service has been providing commercial septic installation since 1983. As professional septic installers, we stay up to date on all of the latest technologies and regulations to ensure you have the best commercial septic system for your location and needs.


According to the EPA, large capacity septic systems (LCSSs) are septic systems that:

  • Receive only sanitary wastewater either from multiple dwellings or from a non-residential establishment


  • The system has the capacity to serve 20 or more people a day.

The LCSS we design for you may also have grease traps or other pre-treatment technologies. We may use several small septic tanks, septic tanks that drain into a dry well, or connect to one large soil absorption system or several absorption areas that can be used on a rotating basis.

Jones Pump Service is licensed to install commercial septic systems for:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Trailer parks
  • Schools and religious institutions
  • Office, industrial, and commercial buildings
  • Shopping malls
  • State parks and campgrounds
  • Recreational vehicle (RV) parks
  • Highway rest areas
  • Train and bus stations
  • Hotels and restaurants


Other septic services we provide include:

Once we’ve installed your septic system, we’re partners who will work with you to keep your system up and running for years to come.

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